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Rishi Tea

Pu-erh Classic Pu-erh Tea

Pu-erh Classic Pu-erh Tea

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This exclusive Pu'erh blend originates from the remote Dai, Lahu, and Wa ethnic mountain villages in southern Yunnan Province, where heirloom broad leaf tea varietals have developed a complexity from centuries of seed propagation. Ancient Pu'erh Classic comprises multiple vintages resulting in a uniquely bold flavor profile with a body as deep as its history. This Shu Pu'erh is notable for its notes of earthy sweetness, hints of cocoa, and a woodsy, aromatic finish. The very best in everyday organic Pu'erh. Ingredients: Organic pu'erh tea. Steep 1.5 Tbsp for 5 mins. Resteep 1x.

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