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Inflamm-Ease Drops

Inflamm-Ease Drops

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This is a blend of herbs known to help reduce inflammation throughout the body. Herbs in this blend are multi-faceted, such as Baikal skullcap (aka Chinese skullcap) which is known to help reduce the pro-inflammatory enzyme pathways, while helping to control acute excess inflammation such as allergies and "cytokine storm" responses. It also has antiviral and immune system impacts. Soloman's seal root is useful for promoting connective tissue repair and healing, for muscle, joint, and tendon or ligament damage. This blend is best used daily for overall inflammation reduction, and acutely as needed for more immediate inflammation calming effects. 

Contains: Baikal skullcap root, Turmeric root, Soloman's seal root, Devil's claw root, Gotu kola, and Ginger root in a base of spring water and pure grain alcohol.

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