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Herbal Tarot Reading, Sunday April 21st

Herbal Tarot Reading, Sunday April 21st

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Danica has been reading tarot for over 30 years. She utilizes this modality within her herbal and shamanic practices. Tarot is about empowering choice. When you see the patterns that have brought you to where you are and the potentials of where that can take you, you have the opportunity to make conscious changes in your life with a little help from spirit along the way!
When receiving a reading, no matter if you have a specific question or are simply interested in what’s out there for you, we will start by finding an herbal ally. This ally will help you to incorporate the answers you discover into your daily life. This can be done by ingesting the herb when appropriate, carrying it with you, bathing with it or meditating on it. From
here other tarot cards are pulled to elaborate upon the theme that the herbal ally has brought to light.

Schedule a 15 minute time slot to have a reading from Danica on Sunday afternoon, April 21.

She will be offering these readings every third Sunday from 1-3 pm going forward! Stay tuned for those time slots to be available on a rolling basis. 

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