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For women and men of all ages – a baseline remedy to cultivate grace and receptive soul consciousness.  To nurture and heal the soul’s relationship with the mother, grandmother or the feminine archetype in community and culture.  For rape, sexual abuse, sexual slavery or related trauma involving the degradation or exploitation of feminine values; to restore grace, dignity and essential self-worth in the feminine identity.  For all biological, cultural and spiritual milestones involving the feminine body and soul — including onset of Menstruation, Marriage, Motherhood, Menopause and Wisdom Elder.  Contains flower essences of: Star of Bethlehem, Whit Trumpet Lily, Mariposa Lily, Splendid Maripose Lily, Shasta Lily, Fawn Lily, Desert Lily; essential oil of Rose Attar.  Water and alcohol.  1 oz (30 mL).


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