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Detox Drops

Detox Drops

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This is a blend of herbs traditionally used to cleanse and promote detoxification of the liver, as well as the kidneys, blood, and lymph. We use this tincture blend as part of our popular Cleanse Kit, as the herbs in this blend are helpful for water retention, sluggish digestion, and congested lymph. 

Dandelion leaf and root have been used for centuries in Europe and North America for overall support of the liver, digestion, kidney health, and as a bitter herb for healthy elimination through the colon. An early spring plant, the leaves have been used as a bitter salad green as well as extracted into vinegar and alcohol. The flowers are often used to make dandelion wine. The roots are harvested in early spring or more often in the fall once the rest of the plant has died back. 

Artichoke leaf is an amazing healing liver herb, helping with liver function and regeneration. It can also act to improve sluggish digestion and help with healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Schisandra berry is the "five flavor fruit" in Chinese herbal medicine and is protective to  liver cells as well as supportive of healthy adrenal function. 

Red root is an herb with an affinity for the lymphatic system, helping move stagnant lymph and supporting health immune system function via the spleen. 

Contains: artichoke leaf, dandelion leaf & root, schisandra berry, red root, iris versicolor (aka blue flag), & prickly ash in a base of grain alcohol and water.

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