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Chill Out Drops

Chill Out Drops

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This blend of herbs is very calming to the nervous system, without compromising mental function or clarity. Herbs in this blend have traditionally been used to relax muscles and mental overactivity. Commonly used to combat anxiety symptoms and for natural stress relief.

Herbs in this blend have been used throughout the centuries to promote relaxation of the nervous system, body, and mind.

Kava kava (also just known as Kava) is a plant native to the South Pacific islands that has been used ceremonially and has the ability to relax the body when there is tension and lower inhibitions in a group setting. In modern research studies, kava root extract has been shown to be as effective as anti-anxiety medication, without the side effects. It seems to calm an overactive mind and promote a more even emotional state.

Hawthorn leaf & flower, Linden, and Lemon balm are all from Western herbalism traditions and all help with feelings of anxiety and stress. If the chest gets tight, both hawthorn and linden flowers has an affinity for relaxing this part of the body. Lemon balm can calm a nervous stomach. 

Contains: kava kava root, hawthorn leaf & flower, linden, & lemon balm in a base of water and grain alcohol.

Most people respond really well to kava kava and our Chill Out Drops. As with any herbal blend, if you have anything unusual arise, discontinue use and it typically dissipates. There is a lot of misinformation about the safety of kava kava and products containing this root. However, it has been used for literally thousands of years by the Polynesians without any side effects or harm to any organ, including the liver. We as herbalists feel confident using this herb ourselves and find it to be very helpful for lots of nervous-system related issues that might arise. 

You can take this product directly in your mouth or take in a little water or juice. We recommend starting with 1 dropperful and increasing until you get the desired effect, up to 5 dropperfuls (approximately 1 tsp). 

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