Collection: Herban Wellness Tea Blends

We have created many medicinal tea blends at Herban Wellness over the years.  These tea blends were created generally to address common health concerns our customers encounter, and that contain organically-grown or ethically wild-harvested herbs in combination to not only support the body in a variety of ways, but also to taste good. Our blends are sold loose in 2-3 oz bags and all instructions are on the labels for quantity, steeping or simmering time, and suggested amount consumed per day. Note that all the tea blends can be prepared hot and then cooled by straining and putting a number of days worth in the refrigerator. They should last about three days like this, and can be consumed cold or reheated at this point. Feel free to sweeten and/or modify the flavor of the teas as desired.

*Please note that any suggestions we make about our products are for educational purposes and not medical advice. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.*