Holiday Joy Tea

Holiday Joy Tea

This tea is a blend of flavors many people associate with the holidays, or this time of year anyway… Cinnamon, orange peel, cardamom, clove… and a hint of sweet with stevia leaves mixed in there. Inspired by a wonderful customer of mine at Herban Wellness many years ago now, when she wanted to gift a small amount of this blend to her clients this month. Everyone knows I can’t simply write about a tea for taste, can I? So, what can one expect to feel from this tea? Or what are some of the potential benefits from the herbs in this blend?

Orange peel, clove, cinnamon, and cardamom all have a beneficial effect on digestion, but helping to relax, promote the flow of digestive juices in the gastrointestinal tract, and to dispel gas. They all, but particularly clove, also have antibacterial effects. Orange peel and cardamom also have an effect on the nervous system, helping to both uplift and invigorate, while promoting calm. Hibiscus flowers, another addition to this tea blend, not only adds its signature rich pink color, but it has a very beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, helping to lower blood pressure and strengthen arteries and veins. Also, interestingly enough, hibiscus is sometimes referred to as a refrigerant, meaning it has a cooling effect on the body, which is in contrast to the spices in this blend which tend to warm.

See my write-up on Cinnamon bark and Cardamom seeds to understand its beneficial medicinal effects.

Stevia, other than being a hundred times sweeter than sugar without any sugars, also has been studied for its medicinal effects and seems to have a beneficial effect on blood sugar balance. I love to blend a few stevia leaves into my teas for a subtle, completely natural, no-calorie sweetness. It also has a different flavor and “after-taste” than the purified powdered or liquid stevia extract.

Contains: orange peel, cinnamon, clove, cardamom, hibiscus, and stevia leaves.

A perfect blend for the holidays, no? Sip while baking cookies or serve warm or cold at your holiday party in a glass pitcher. Serve to family members when things start to get a bit snarly to soothe and brighten.

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