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Class - Herbs for Hormone & Mood Balance for Women

Class - Herbs for Hormone & Mood Balance for Women

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Taught by Katya Difani, herbalist & founder of Herban Wellness

Stress in our lives, toxins in our environment, and dietary factors can throw off the balance of our reproductive hormones as well as our adrenal and thyroid hormones. Symptoms that come with PMS and menopause are familiar to many, as are infertility and fatigue due to long-term stress. Mood swings and general emotional imbalance can come with the menstrual cycle or at any time if any of these systems are disrupted. This class is intended to educate you how to use herbs and nutrients to support your body's return to balance. Through their actions on the adrenal glands, ovaries, and other glands/organs, herbs can help restore hormonal balance and therefore help effect our emotional health as well. 

Saturday, November 18th from 10-noon

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