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Herban Wellness strives to provide access to information on health and how to achieve your healthcare goals, whether that is to support your body's return to health or to achieve a more energetic and optimal health.

Meet the founder: Katya Difani

Katya has a deep respect and passion for the natural world and the ongoing dance to achieve balance in health and purpose in life. Having experienced her own chronic health challenges since her teenage years, she can empathize with the health challenges many of us face at points in our lives. Having these experiences and seeing the connection time and again between her physical health and her mental and spiritual state, has helped her to see health as part of a whole system.

Herban Wellness Owner and Herbalist Katya Difani

The study of herbal medicine as a health-care discipline, medicinal plants/herbs, and nutrition felt like a natural move for Katya to make. After completing a degree in cultural anthropology in 2002, she went on to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Herbal Science from Bastyr University in June of 2007. Through this program, and through other clinical herbal training programs and internships, she has learned much about the human body, the world of plants, how to locate and interpret research on herbal medicines, and in-depth information on over 100 medicinal plants, from a traditional as well as a modern stand point. In addition, she studied nutrition, particularly from a whole-foods perspective, which confirmed her belief that food is an important foundational component of caring for our bodies and our health.

Beyond herbal medicines and nutrition, she has been exposed to many other forms of healthcare, including naturopathic medicine, acupuncture & Chinese medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic medicine, and various forms of energy or touch healing. She believes all health and wellness tools have their place and can be uniquely suited for each situation and person.

What does it mean to be healthy? Well, that is something each of us must answer for ourselves. Katya is dedicated to helping others achieve their health goals, whether through many of the tools that have worked well for her, or through the support of other healthcare practitioners that take into account the whole, unique individual. These tools for achieving physical health and learning to take much better care of our bodies include the use of plants, as medicines and foods.

Meet the Store Mascot: Abby

Herban Wellness Store Mascot Abby

What is the most common question Katya gets at Herban Wellness? Since January when Katya welcomed Abby into her life, it's "What kind of dog is Abby?"

Well, Abby is a rescue, so of unknown breed mix. Our best guess is that she's golden retriever-shephard mix. Whatever she is, she's a beauty and her fan base is growing every day. She welcomes scratches and pets of any kind, especially on her belly, and is a sweet, gentle soul whose spunk and youth comes out when another dog enters the shop or when she gets to be outside, preferably chasing ducks in Marina Park.

Health is not simply the absence of disease, but a state of vitality that allows us to live our lives to their fullest.

Herban Wellness Classes an Events

We will always offer classes to help you build on your knowledge of your health and help you to make informed decisions for your health. Please see our current class list, check availability, and sign up for classes on our Class page.

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